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10 times people completely aced recreating old family photos

Time changes a lot of things. This is one good reason why families take pictures whenever they can.

They want to immortalize the moment the kids are still young.

They want to preserve as many memories as they can, particularly with the older members of the family.

However, some families are taking the idea a step further. They recreate old photos, hoping to make more memories they’ll treasure in the next coming years.

Here are 20 of the most creative recreated family photos.

1. 20 years apart

This pair looked like they rehearsed their poses for hours. They got almost everything right. The facial reactions were spot on, too!

2. Being brothers

Their favorite heroes didn’t change through the years. The way they treat each other stayed the same, too. It proves that the bond brothers have with each other is unbreakable.

3. Always Daddy’s son

The dad delivered his baby at home by himself. 21 years later, he reenacted the moment with his son and took the photo. It’s a touching way to celebrate one’s birthday.

4. Back to the beach

It’s amazing how the mom didn’t age a year! Plus, the way the last person transitioned was awesome, too! It was a complete transformation for him.

5. Cousins

Your cousins are your first best friends. This photo proves that. Even after several years, these girls still see each other as best friends.

6. Just before Dad’s retirement

It has been 30 years since the first photo was taken. Now that it’s the dad’s time to retire, his son felt it was necessary to recreate the photo. It’s a heartwarming gift for the father.

7. Same shirt, different time

These guys were both 29 years old when the photos were taken. It’s nice how they were able to keep the shirt the same way throughout the years. As father and son, they clearly know how to take care of valuable things.

8. Like mother, like daughter

The mom hasn’t aged since 1988. Just like her daughter, she looks stunning!

9. Celebrating with the family

Some things don’t change. For this family, it’s the way they celebrate Easter.

10. Uncle and nephew

After 24 years, this guy decided to recreate an old photo with his uncle. After so many years, they seem to be using the same teapot, too!

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