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12 “Sisters” Move Beautifully In Sync. Moments Later, Their Act Leaves Mouths Wide Open

Catholic nuns are the last people you’d expect to end up in a school gymnasium entertaining a crowd, but that’s exactly what appears to be happening in this video clip.

As twelve “sisters” have their backs to the camera, a few chords of a beautiful piano melody starts playing in the background.

With slow, graceful, synchronized movements, the sisters turn around and then raise their arms above them as if in prayer.

Yet, there’s one part of their impeccable outfit that seems out of place – their colorful sneakers!

The song filling the air sounds familiar, but it isn’t until a choir starts singing “I Will Follow Him” from the movie “Sister Act.”

That’s when the crowd knows this isn’t going to be any ordinary performance! Nuns have always had a special place on the silver screen, but it wasn’t until Whoopi Goldberg took center stage as “I’m not a penguin” nun on the run Sister Mary Clarence that these women of faith were given actual personalities.

And just like during the rock’n fun scene at the end of movie, they certainly have what it takes to impress a crowd. Get ready, because these “nuns” are on fire.

As soon as the tempo speeds up, it’s easy to imagine Sister Alma jump up from the piano bench with a big grin and start jamming away at the keys.

These women probably have that same image in their mind as they bend over at the knees, grab the bottom of their habits, and well, you’ll have to watch the video below to see what happens next.

You might even be inspired to start doing this heavenly Sister Act Zumba workout routine, too!

In case you were wondering, these aren’t real nuns – but it would be totally awesome if they were!

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