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15-Year-Old Boy Grabs Her Hand To Dance. Have Crowd Going Wild With World Champion Routine

There’s something about being young that puts a pep in your step and a song in your heart. For Ryan Boz and Alexis Garrish, being 15 is full of wonderful surprises! Going to dances with friends, having crushes, being engaged in school and becoming a “grown-up” is all part the teenage experience. However, there’s one thing these two do that sets themselves apart from other kids their age — and now they’re world champions because of it! Thankfully, someone thought to share their US Open Swing Dance Championships routine for us to see, because it’s truly amazing!

Ryan and Alexis are both incredible dancers and can do different styles such as hip-hop, shag, West Coast swing, tap, jazz, ballet and lyrical. They’ve taken home trophies for their talents before, but nothing like the US Open Swing Dancing Championships. Swing is where they truly shine and they were so excited to share their passion for dance with the world. After months of practicing, going over the routine in their heads, slight injuries and frustrations, it was finally time to perform!

As soon as the music began to play over the loudspeakers, Ryan and Alexis sprung into action. Every move was completely natural and every second of their routine was flawless. They moved together across the stage like angels and captivated the audience (and judges who watched in awe). As soon as the music faded away, Ryan and Alexis ran into each other’s arms. They couldn’t believe how well their performance went and hoped the judges agreed! But when the judges’ scores popped onto the screen, their mouths dropped — they couldn’t believe it. This was obviously a moment they would remember for the rest of their lives and now it’ll live on forever thanks to viewers like you!

Source: YouTube

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