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15-year old sets 2 world records in one free skate

She already seems a once-in-a-lifetime skater, such incredible talent.

Ice skating is truly an art.

There is just something beautiful about watching someone glide around ice like they are flying.

It isn’t for everyone, however.

It takes skill, grace, and a WHOLE lot of practice!

On top of that, it’s an entire sport all to its own.

One girl recently broke a record in her free skate… well, she broke two!

Most people would be happy to break a single record during a performance.

For Kamila Valieva, however, it was just another day at the office.

Valieva is a 15-year-old skater from Russia who has won medal after medal and holds multiple records.

Valieva is the current world record holder for the women’s short program, free skating and total scores.

She has set nine world records during her career.

She is the first woman skater to break the 250- , 260- and 270- point thresholds in the total score, and the first to break the 170- and 180- point thresholds in the free skate.

In a recent video, we get to see her break two world records, all in the span of a single free skate.

The video starts with Valieva flying around the ice.

She looks like she was born out there!

When she starts skating, the announcers can’t help but rave about her skill, calling her “potentially the best in the world”.

Her first big move? A leaping spin at speeds that you can barely process.

Perfectly landing triple axles, she is already scoring big numbers.

The announcers literally can’t get over how good she is.

Using words like “speechless” and “shocked” gives you an idea of how amazing it is to watch Valieva skate.

By 3 and a half minutes into the video, she has already surpassed the closest leader by 6 points.

In free skating, each move has different point associations with it.

Although her routine is almost 6 minutes long, she has already surpassed her peers in points by the 3.5-minute mark!

Gliding and moving, it’s like watching a ballet dancer but on ice.

To watch someone who has mastered the craft is always a beautiful thing.

Captivating the audience, she spins, twirls, and moves with a speed that makes it look like she isn’t even trying.

For 15, you would think that she’s spent every minute of her life on the ice.

Her final moves involve intricate spins that make you dizzy just watching!

Standing up to fast is enough to get me lightheaded, but for Valieva?

Twenty spins, all at speed and she pops out of the tuck like it was nothing!

Move after move and the points just keep adding up.

When they finally show the score, it’s a shock.

The world record was 180.80 (also held by her) before the competition.

When the judges finally give the number, it’s a shock. 185.29 – she’s set a new world record!

To give some perspective, the closest leader before she went was 78.69!

She did more than beat them, she doubled their best.

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