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3 Tiny Dancers Line Up Facing Wall, But Instant They Turn Around Audience Loses It With Laughter

Dance recitals can be nerve-wracking for little girls. But for Johanna Colon of North Carolina, this little girl with tremendous “sassitude” had nothing but spunk, funk and pizzazz during her big performance. Dad was videotaping, and we’re so glad he did! Johanna’s recital routine definitely demanded some big time respect from everyone watching.

The crowd could not contain their laughter, cheers, and applause as Johanna shone on stage. Her flamboyant arm movements, sassy head nods, finger pointing, and peppy moves made her stand out. At the very end, she hits her final pose and the crowd loses it. She ended up receiving a standing ovation from the packed crowd of 400 people. Johanna was six when she performed the routine and had been dancing since she was two.

Her dedication clearly shows in the video below. She’s so much fun to watch!


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