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39 Little Singers Take The Stage, Moments Later Crowd Hypnotized Hearing Their Angelic Voices

In 1992, the children of Armenia were finally given the opportunity to share their singing skills with the world. The kids officially became the Armenian Little Singers, part of The World’s Little Singers organization. The members of this choir range in age from 11 to 18 and have become an international sensation singing tunes that range from classical to jazz to contemporary and religious, just to name a few.

Their pure voices are gorgeous and when they break into distinguishable harmonies, the separate parts are spectacular. As the performance progresses, the girls begin twirling and swaying in place, immersing themselves in the beautiful song. Even the director throws himself into the role with his gallant arm gestures as he leads the singers. The lengthy song picks up in both tempo and volume, showcasing how incredible this group of singers is.

Watch the video below and prepare to be amazed by their God-given talent.


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