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4 Men Begin To Irish Dance, But As 5th Man Storms The Stage Routine Suddenly Transforms

Irish dance has a long and beautiful past, bringing together Irish communities through music and celebrations. Historians believe Irish dancing was widespread in Ireland by the seventeenth century, while the first document of the traditional dance dates back to a 1413 Christmas Eve party in southern Ireland. Irish dance can be performed solo, or in groups, and is performed for competitions, celebrations and social gatherings.

This type of dance still plays an integral role in Ireland’s rich culture. At the Irish Dance World Championships held in Dublin, dancers from 20 countries came to show the judges what they’ve got. One dance team in particular, the Fusion Fighters, put on a show that had everyone at the edge of their seats.

Even if dance isn’t your passion, you’ll surely love the fast turns, taps and jumps — all coordinated down to the second. The Fusion Fighters routine at the Irish Dance World Championships is unlike anything you’ve seen before.

Two dancers step out on the Irish Dance World Championship stage, and the music begins to play. They are soon joined by two more dancers, who trade them places on stage. Their synchronized footwork is incredible as they effortlessly glide across the platform. These dancers are undoubtedly some of the best in the world.

This group’s talent is something to be inspired by, and we’re sure you’ll love their performance just as much as we did. The traditional Irish music paired with the team’s amazing dance skills are a show-stopper! It’s hard to take your eyes off what happens next as the rest of the dance team come onto the stage.

Let us give you a peek into this incredible Irish Dance World Championship routine. The traditional dance is sure to mesmerize you completely.

Watch the video and see how this incredible version of traditional Irish dance for yourself.

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