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85-Year-Old Urges Family To Set Her Down Outside, Capture Footage Impossible To Forget

When the snow flies, it’s a beautiful site. A magical winter wonderland just beckons for people to enjoy the seasonal beauty, whether it’s with a peaceful walk among the falling flakes or a boisterous sledding session down a hill.

Playing in the snow isn’t just for the kids either, as one senior citizen proves to all of us. Thankfully, her family caught her adorable antics on camera for the rest of us to enjoy.

On her 85th birthday, she had one request for her family that quickly went viral. Instead of opting for a delicious cake laden with candles and a party bustling with family, friends, and other well-wishers, this sweet senior wanted something simpler.

She wanted something that would take her back to her younger years when she frolicked in the snow just like a kid. So her adult daughter and family members obliged and granted her birthday wish.

They slipped on her coat and gently escorted her outside into the wintery weather. Her daughter and son-in-law grasped ahold of each of her arms and stood strongly on either side.

Then, they slowly and carefully lowered her onto the snow-covered ground. Their beloved senior was giggly and having a grand time as her birthday wish was then fulfilled.

Even her adult daughter flopped down on the ground beside her mom to participate in her dream birthday gift. The best part is when the senior told her family to “Get out of the way!”

You have to see this cute and spunky senior enjoy her special birthday treat on a wintery day in the video below. It’s simply endearing.


Bless her heart for engaging in a youthful activity reminiscent of a simpler time and what a wonderful thing her family did for her. Happy birthday!

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