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After Helping Pregnant Horse Give Birth, Watch Man Introduce Mom To Baby For Very 1st Time

Birth is a beautiful process, and when a mother first meets her baby, the moment is truly magical.

There is nothing else quite like it!

Human moms who are blessed to deliver healthy babies are handed their brand-new bundles of joy to nestle with and cuddle for immediate bonding.

Animal moms who give birth almost instantaneously lick their babies clean, ultimately transferring their scent onto their brand new wee ones.

It doesn’t take long before animal babies are up and about, following their moms around.

Even aquatic babies tag along, swimming after mom.

In the video below, which contains graphic images of a live birth at the beginning, a foal is being delivered by a gorgeous mare who is lying on the ground.

A man assists in the process, helping the baby break free of the amniotic sac.

The mare observes while still lying there. The baby wobbles and bobbles about a bit while lying still.

The man gives Mom a gentle rub on her hindquarters, then Mom begins nuzzling and licking her baby while it strives to gain its bearings.

The video then cuts to footage of the man helping the foal stand up and attempt to gain some control over its stick-like and shaky legs.

The baby stumbles about and staggers around on its awkward long legs while its momma continues to lick it.

It’s not long before the baby appears to be teetering around on stilts, following mom around the pasture and ready to begin its life.

See how Mom and baby form an instantaneous bond shortly after birth, and watch as the newborn learns to walk in the emotional video below.

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