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Anxious abandoned puppy earns 137M views cuddling up with baby for nap

After being tied to a fence and abandoned, Callie was finally safe.

It’s always adorable to see a kid and dog grow up together.

This is particularly true if the pair are the same age.

The dog and little one form an incredible bond, and they become BFFs for life.

A dog named Callie and a little boy named Ian is the perfect example of this.

Ian and Callie have grown up together since they were 3-months-old.

Callie had a rough start in life. This sweet baby doggo was abandoned by her original humans.

Thankfully, those humans ended up leaving Callie with a family that would take care of her.

She was tied to the fence at Ian’s house when she was three months old.

So, Ian’s parents decided to take the Pit Bull/Catahoula mix in as one of their own and become one of the family.

And Callie instantly fell in love with Ian. Even before Ian was able to even lay eyes on Callie.

That’s because Ian was asleep when they first met. Ian was fast asleep on a dinosaur blanket when Callie was placed next to him.

Callie was watching over Ian as he was sleeping.

She seemed quite curious about the weird-looking sleeping creature next to her. The baby was deep into Snoozetown.

So much so that his sleepy state started to spread to Callie. Callie’s eyes started to get droopy in the video taken of him. Then he got a little wobbly.

He was getting sleepy… very sleepy.

Callie looked up at the camera sadly with big puppy dog eyes. As if she wanted to fall asleep too. It seemed like she was waiting for permission or something.

“You don’t know how to lay down honey?” someone in the background of the video asks the sweet pup.

And it seems as if she doesn’t.

Poor Callie looked like she was about to fall over.

She looks pretty restless as she walks around to the other side of Ian.

Callie finally gives in, but she won’t lay down without the perfect spot.

She decides that the baby is the perfect spot. So she walks over and cuddles up next to him laying her chin on his back.

He finally seems content. Everyone in the room starts “ooohhhh-ing” and “awwww-ing,” and rightfully so. It’s an incredibly adorable scene.

You could absolutely tell it was the start of a truly beautiful relationship.

“She is the sweetest dog we have ever had. They still play together,” one of Callie’s humans writes.

Three years later, Ian and Callie were still as close as could be.

Ian and Callie’s mom posted an update video for us. While Ian is still a tiny guy, Callie is fully grown.

They’ve gotten really good at playing together. Ian has even taught Callie some new tricks. Like how to sit.

Callie, of course, gets a treat for her good deed.

And Ian, of course, always remembers to tell Callie that she’s a good girl. Because she is. She really is.

The first viral video of Callie and baby Ian was uploaded in March 2012.

And so, you may be wondering, what’s Callie up to now? Well, her mom shared the answer to that: the 10-year-old dog is still bonding with babies!

Ian has a new little sibling, and Callie is just as wonderful with him as she was with baby Ian. It’s clear that Callie is a natural with babies!

Callie is such a good girl, and she clearly loves her human siblings more than anything in the world.

We’re so glad she was found by the right people and that she has such a wonderful forever home.

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