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Baby boy couldn’t tell his parents about his tormenting babysitter, but his dog could

If it weren't for the dog, they never would have known.

A family in Charleston, South California experienced the unthinkable, and if not for the heroism of their dog, things could have gone even worse.

Finn Jordan is only seven months old, and just like any parent, Benjamin and Hope are cautious in choosing the people they hire to look after their young son.

They thoroughly searched before finally deciding to select 22-year-old Alexis Khan as their son’s babysitter.

The new parents made sure that they checked the woman’s background to have the assurance that their beloved child was in good hands.

Alexis ticked all the boxes on their list and finally, she was chosen to look after little Finn.

Everything looked normal and the couple believed that they chose the right person for the job.

Alexis seemed responsible and kind. She was a babysitter who is also young and strong enough to handle an energetic child like Finn.

But after five months as their babysitter, they noticed something strange that made them feel suspicious.

Benjamin and Hope had a black lab and a German shepherd mix named Killian. They know that their pup is always quiet and mostly calm throughout the day.

But, one day, the dog started acting strange and it was always when Alexis was around.

“We noticed the dog was getting very defensive when Alexis was around. He would growl and stand between her and our son. His hair would stand up on the back of his neck and we knew something was up,” Benjamin said.

Killian would snarl and act fierce toward Alexis, and this made the couple think if Alexis was doing something bad while they are away.

Benjamin and Hope decided to do some surveillance on the woman while they are at work.

They left an iPhone underneath a couch in the living room, somehow expecting that the woman might be harmful toward Killian.

But what they heard was extremely unexpected and totally shocked them both.

In the recording, Alexis’ voice can be heard as she shouted curse words at the baby who was crying in the background.

She was not holding back at all.

The couple even heard sounds of slapping and shaking.

They immediately checked on their baby’s physical condition and were glad to know that Finn was safe after confirmation from the doctors.

Apparently, an audio recording is not enough to press charges against Alexis, so the couple reached out to the police for help.

A Charleston police interrogated the harmful babysitter and were able to get a full confession from her.

A year after the initial recording, Alexis Khan pleaded guilty to assault and battery in court and was sentenced to a maximum of three years in prison.

She was also included in the list of child abusers to prevent her from working with children ever again.

The Jordans are thankful that justice was served, and it’s all thanks to their fiercely loyal and smart dog, Killian.

Things would have gone worse without them knowing if the dog did not alert them of what was really happening when they are not around.

They were able to stop the abuse sooner, and put the perpetrator behind bars, too.

Killian is now training to be a psychiatric service animal, something that only makes him even more heroic.

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