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Bicyclists Speed Down The Road, Out Of Nowhere Giant Ostrich Starts Hilarious Race With Them

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Men had no idea that their relaxing bicycle ride down the Cape of Good Hope would turn into an unforgettable chase.

In preparation for the Cape Argus Tour, which is a cycling event held in South Africa, a group of friends headed out for a ride.

In their minds, it was a good way to stretch their legs and the Cape of Good Hope seemed to be the perfect place to do so.

Little did they know what animals were dwelling there by the ocean side.

During their journey down the road, one of the men was able to film as he went. With a camera hooked up to film the beauty of nature, it all seemed very quiet and somewhat uneventful – until a wild animal was seen just off the side of the road.

Within a split second, the animal jumped on the road. None of the men could have imagined this.

As the man with the camera was behind this wild animal, he was able to document the chase.

He watched in horror as the animal began chasing his friends. All he knew was to keep peddling.

It didn’t take very long to realize that this animal wasn’t intending on harming his friends, but was actually joining their race down the road.

The bicyclist who was filming couldn’t hold back the laughter as he realized how funny this actually was.

He thought he was going to fall off of his bike from laughing so hard.

In a matter of a minutes, the man went through a whirlwind of emotions like never before.

Discovering that the animal was watching them from a distance, seeing that it could keep up with their bikes traveling at 50km per hour, and trying his best to determine that his friends were safe, it was all so much at once.

After all, he knew full well that they were headed down a dead-end road. The further they traveled, the more he thought about what to do.

You can experience the thrill as the animal jumps out, and find out what exactly he witnessed in the video below.

Take a peek at the funny video below, no doubt this excited ostrich gave these two bicyclists a ride they will remember for a very long time!

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