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Blind doe struck by car snuggles with woman who saved her life

It really seems it’s her way of saying thank you. <3 It’s a good thing there are big-hearted people in this world, who aren’t afraid to step in and help animals in need. Typically we hear stories about dog and cat rescues – but sometimes it’s a different kind of creature that could use a helping hand.

One Alabama mom was out and about when she discovered a wild deer that was badly injured.

The poor animal had been struck by a vehicle and “left for dead” on the side of the road.

But instead of walking away and letting nature take its course – she decided to try and save her life.

The woman (whose user name is Mamasgirl66) brought the injured doe to her home and stayed by her side for the next week.

Sadly, the deer was unable to walk as a result of being hit by the car.

She also had become deaf and blind, which would be life-changing for her out in the wild.

Luckily for the deer though, Mamasgirl66 is one of those people who seems to of been born with a giant heart. She worked to nurse the animal back to health, offering her love and care.

It didn’t take long for the woman to come up with a name for her new four-legged friend, “Snuggles.”

She began filming various moments with the doe and sharing them online.

One video Mamasgirl66 captured revolves around Snuggles learning to walk again. The Newsflare video is captioned with the following:

“This is snuggles she was hit by a car and left for dead… I took her home and stayed up with her all Thu out the day and night the first week I had her… She couldn’t walk on her (own) so I started holding her tail and under her neck till she could stand on her on this was (the) first walk by her self with little help”

Mamasgirl66 recorded footage of Snuggles eating a sweet treat too.

In the Rumble video, the young doe can be seen trying to munch on a mango slice, while her rescuer tells her “good girl.” It’s obvious that she’s being well-cared for, as there’s even a sheet covering the animal! The caption says:

“…this was the first time I was able to get her to eat after she was hit by a car…”

There’s one video, in particular, that is absolutely heart-melting. It shows why the deer earned the name “Snuggles.”

Mamasgirl66 is sitting with her legs outstretched and the deer’s head in her lap.

The animal lovingly keeps it there, sinking in like she’s completely comfortable and wanting to snooze.

While the blind deer seems to enjoy snuggling with her rescuer, there’s just one tiny problem. In the video, the woman explains:

“She just hasn’t figured out how to lay down yet. But I know she likes it and all that because she’s been there almost all day.”

It’s a sweet moment that’s capturing hearts across the internet.

For 40 seconds, the deer can be seen standing and resting her head in the woman’s lap, seeming peaceful.

Perhaps it’s Snuggles way of saying “thank you” to the person who saved her life!

Don’t you just love animal rescue stories?

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