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Bored Twin Watches Sister At Piano. Suddenly Joins Her & Classic Tune Starts To Change

Identical twins are in sync in so many ways, from finishing each others’ sentences to experiencing that indescribable “feeling” when another twin is distraught or something’s wrong.

Sisters Angelina and Ashley Leyva are identical twins that stroll spiritedly into a piano store and prepare to treat everyone there to quite an impromptu performance.

These two are blooming actresses and the camera records their every move.

They scout out and find a gorgeous glossy red piano in the middle of the store and plop down. One identical twin begins playing while the other simply stands nearby.

But then she isn’t about to miss out on the fun and scoots her sister to the side so that she can begin playing.

So the other sibling pops over to a beautiful black piano next to them and together they perform an incredible boogie woogie duet.

They don’t rely on music and they actually play with their eyes tightly shut at one point! The sisters even take a second to make silly faces at each other while tickling the ivories.

Toward the end of their performance that was captured on video and shared on social media, the sister seated at the black baby grand hops back over to the red baby grand as they wrap up their public performance.

This upbeat and peppy song is now being played across multiple octaves as they share the keyboard.

Listen to their spectacular boogie woogie concert at a local store in the video below. The twin girls put on quite the show!

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