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Boy gets marine hat from deployed brother unaware his brother is the one that just handed it to him

His mom blindfolded him then told him she was going to hand him a gift.

But little did he know it wasn’t his mom that was placing the gift in his hands.

Many American’s sign up to serve their country.

According to recent statistics, the US military is deployed in more than 150 countries around the world, which makes one think of how much these soldiers must be missed by their families while they are away.

They join for many reasons

The reasons why young Americans choose to join the US Army are not always quite clear, since there are lots of factors that affect this decision, varying from family and duty to professional development and job stability.

In fact, according to a recent study, the most common reasons why a military career is chosen by Americans have been identified as follows.

The survey in question revealed that the most prominent reason why Americans join the military is adventure and travel.

It seems many of them are tired of living in the same place all their life and they hope that, by joining the Army, they will have the chance to travel around the country or overseas and meet new people.

Great benefits

Another common reason that was identified in the study in question was the benefits deployment offers, like health care, active-duty tuition assistance, and post-service support structures.

Additionally, many participants replied they were attracted by the job stability and pay, others simply wanted to avoid a negative environment they were living in, while several of them considered their military service as job training.

But, although young Americans can think of a plethora of reasons to enlist, they are made to leave their families behind and this can be difficult to do. Being away from their loved ones can be very challenging, while those left behind are always worried about their wellbeing.

Family reunions are emotional

This makes soldier-family reunions very emotional and hard to watch without tearing up.

Just like the reunion in the video below of a Marine with his younger brother.

A big brother deployed for four years

Young Cash’s brother, Parker, had been deployed for four years and the little boy had missed his older brother more than anything.

When Parker was finally back, the family decided to surprise the boy and film his reaction.

In the video below, we can see Cash being blindfolded, while his mom is explaining that she has a surprise for him. At that point, Parker comes into the room, but he stays in the background.

The boy gets a gift

The woman says she is now going to give Cash something and she wants him to examine it and then tell her what it is.

Parker comes closer and gives cash his military hat. The boy takes it in his hands and he’s trying to figure out what it is.

However, it seems quite difficult for him to come up with an answer, so his mom asks to remove the blindfold and look at the object instead.

Getting a closer look

The young boy looks at the hat: “It’s a marine hat”, he says excitedly.

Then the woman asks if he knows whose hat it is and the boy guesses it’s Parker’s.

The boy’s mom asks if he likes this surprise or the other one- Parker that is- but before she even finishes the sentence, the boy turns around and sees his brother.

He can’t control himself; he immediately runs to his brother who opens his arms and hugs him tight.

The boy couldn’t be happier! It is obvious he has missed his brother very much and he couldn’t wait for his return.

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