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Brother picks up baby sibling and they share a touching moment that is melting our heart

The love they have for each other is palpable. ❤️

Do you have any younger siblings?

While younger siblings are notorious for driving us crazy, there’s also a sense of responsibility and reward that comes from being the oldest.

It’s an indescribable feeling to see how much our younger siblings look up to us – even if they don’t always like to admit it at times.

It’s our job to model good behavior and to show them how to interact and deal with the world.

Our siblings expect us to be on our best behavior, to treat others kindly, and to succeed in life.

In the early stages, though, being the older brother is about offering protection and a lot of love.

One video between two brothers shows this love and protection perfectly.

As it starts, the older brother, clearly in his teens, is standing and cradling his baby brother close to him.

In the background, Michael Bublé’s “Haven’t Met You Yet” is playing and the two are dancing together.

The two are swaying together at first before the older brother puts the little guy up on the kitchen counter.

After that comes a special moment that all older siblings hope for.

The moment starts with the little brother seated on the counter and the older brother dancing along with him.

After just a moment though, the little guy springs up to his feet—surprising his older brother as well! At first, the older brother turns to the camera and laughs.

“You did it all by yourself, pretty much!” he says.

He starts dancing with him again and the two smile and laugh at each other. After a few more moments, though, there’s another surprise in store.

Needless to say, the little brother is a quick learner and has been studying his older brother’s dance moves.

After a moment’s rest, the little guy twists his hips and imitates the moves his brother was doing.

Big brother picks up on this immediately and turns to the camera. “He did that himself!” he says.

It’s clear that he couldn’t be prouder. With that, he gives his little brother a kiss on the forehead—and everyone is all smiles.

Then again, it’s hard not to be all smiles when listening to Mr. Bublé.

The song in question, “Haven’t Met You Yet” was the first hit single off the Canadian singer’s sixth album, Crazy Love.

In an interview, the songbird revealed that the song and the video are about discovering the perfect love that we all hope to find.

Bublé actually dedicated the song to his wife, Luisana Lopilato, who appears in the music video as his love interest.

While it’s clear that Buble intended the song to reflect love in the romantic sense, it seems to fit this adorable moment perfectly.

The video has been gaining views on YouTube and has nearly reached 2 million as of print.

Above all, the clip is a cute reminder of our responsibilities as older siblings—and of how much our younger sibs often look up to us.

Although we often think being older is all about teaching and being protective, the exchange between these two brothers shows that it’s also just about love.

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