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Caretaker Swats At Elephant With A Rag, But It’s The Next Moment That’s Melting Everyone’s Heart

Elephants are incredible creatures and quite smart, too.

The females tend to stick together in packs while the males wander off either on their own after they’re teenagers or small groups of them band together.

Some elephants sadly are abused and hunted, but at the Elephant Nature Park in Chiang Mai, Thailand, these majestic animals can seek solace and comfort among the volunteers there.

Sangduen “Lek” Chailert, founder of the Save Elephant Foundation in Thailand, has a special relationship with one particular pachyderm at the Elephant Nature Park named Faamai.

They interact surprisingly closely for a human and an elephant. Lek swats away flies for Faamai and begins singing to the elephant.

But it isn’t just any song. It’s a lullaby. Faamai loves the attention Lek is giving her and pretty soon, Faamai begins to get drowsy.

The next thing you know, Faamai begins to gently lower herself down onto the ground.

She just can’t stand upright any longer with Lek’s loving voice serenading her.

Apparently elephants love lullabies. According to a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, classical music is soothing to Asian elephants.

When orchestra violinist Eleanor Bartsch played a concerto for two elephants belonging to the Circus World Museum, she was astonished to see them swaying to the music, reports the Washington Post.

Not only does Faamai get comfortable, but she does something so surprising once she’s on the ground!

Watch the video below and see what happens as Lek continues singing to Faamai after she nestles herself near loving Lek.

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