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Celine Hears “Queen” Favorite Start To Play, Bursts Into Tears Realizing Familiar Voice On Stage

A rare artist performs a special tribute performance for Celine Dion that has her jumping to her feet in excitement. Marc Martel is a naturally talented musician, but his special ability for singing Queen covers is drawing attention from fans.

Among his growing list of fan, the one and only Celine Dion. When Celine made a special request while appearing on Radio-Canada TV’s “En direct de I’Universe,” it looks as if she doesn’t really expect it to happen.

When Marc Martel comes walking out and the beginning of “Somebody To Love” starts to play, it moves the star to tears. Marc Martel is more than just a Freddie Mercury impersonator.

In fact, one of his earlier covers prompted the official Queen drummer Roger Taylor to say, “That voice. You listen, close your eyes and you think it’s Freddie. It’s really uncanny.”

When such a high compliment is paid from a Queen band member himself, you know it’s legitimate. Since his rise to fame, Marc Martel has had the honor to front the official tribute show, “The Queen Extravaganza.”

He was certainly a worthy candidate for the cause. He didn’t disappoint, either. His performance was absolutely incredible!

The performance had special significance for Celine, too. When she herself performed a Queen cover of “Love Of My Life,” she had fans talking for days.

Freddie Mercury’s legendary performance of the original is well-loved, but when a singer like Celine sings it with passion and with powerful vocals, it is elevated to Freddie Mercury’s standard. Even the most devoted Queen fans could have respect for Celine’s well-executed performance of the song.

Marc Martel is clearly another such artist that grabs people’s attention for his impressive Queen covers, and you are going to love this performance below!


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