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Cop Approaches Men On Streets, Suddenly Horse Hears Favorite Song & Leaves Everyone Awestruck

The city of New Orleans is famously known for its Mardi Gras celebrations, which is why folks travel from all over the world to join in on the festivities.

Parades, dancing, singing, and collecting beads is all part of a fun-filled night. But, it’s not always people that are prancing around to the beat of their favorite song.

Officer Jones has a very special horse named Ace, and the pair garner lots of respect when they move through the crowds on Bourbon Street.

Ace and his policeman pal know how to break up a rowdy gathering, but sometimes after a long hard day at work, a horse just wants to kick up his heels and dance!

Horses and their equestrian officers are highly trained, and as a result of spending a lot of time together, this law enforcement duo have developed a close bond.

But, when they patrolled the streets on their usual rounds, Ace suddenly stopped dead in his tracks. Not even Officer Jones could have predicted what his buddy would do next!

A group of men were blocking the path with their dancing and and singing, and this jealous pony thought it was finally time for him to join in on the “horseplay.”

So, he threw caution to the wind and showed the world that in New Orleans, even the police horses know how to get down and boogie with the best of ’em!

In this video clip, the TBC Brass Band is jamming away on a street corner and when they started playing Ace’s favorite song, “Talking,” the adorable animal couldn’t hold it in any longer.

The big guy pranced around like a happy little pony and busts out some pretty sweet moves!

When the stunned group of men saw what Ace was doing, they decided to join in and have a cheeky dance-off with the horse!

When Ace spins around and shakes his tush, so do the men! But, we all know that Team Ace is going to win this round no matter what.

Officer Jones and Ace are a great tribute to the city of New Orleans.

This fabulous video shows that the city’s love of music and dancing can spontaneously occur at any time, even for cops and their horses.

Wait until the very end to see how Ace shows his gratitude to his cheering fans for allowing him to get jiggy and let his inner unicorn shine. Awww, what a beautiful animal!

Watch this video to see this cute police horse boogie his little heart out.

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