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Cop Impounds Single Mom’s Car. Makes Discovery In Backseat That Has Him Rushing Home To Wife

Ebony Rhodes felt sick to her stomach when she was pulled over for a routine traffic stop. She’d been so down on her luck; this was the last thing she needed.

Atlanta Deputy Police Chief Jeff Glazier asked Ebony for her license and registration, but both were expired and she had no insurance. He had no choice but to impound her car and have her arrested. Ebony was heartbroken.


But while taking Ebony back to the police station, Chief Glazier received a call. One of the other officers who searched Ebony’s vehicle noticed something strange about the contents in the back seat.

They had only found these types of items in certain situations. The officer was alarmed and felt that he needed to report it to Chief Glazier.

The officers kept pulling out bags of personal belongings and a ton of clothes. This seemed like a particularly large amount of stuff, as if someone’s entire apartment was crammed into one car.


That’s when Ebony revealed the heartbreaking truth. Not only was she homeless and living out of that car, but she was also living in that one car with her four children!

For six exhausting and painstaking months, Ebony, Calvin, Isaac, Ja’heame and Dannaija were living out of a 20-year-old Buick Regal. They had no choice.

Ebony tried to keep her family afloat as a single mother by working at Walmart. But she still didn’t earn enough to afford a place for them to live.


Not only that, but Chief Glazier also learned that Ebony was suffering from a chronic blood disorder that was so serious that she had to miss days of work at a time. Ebony felt she was letting her children down.

She felt like the worst mom ever. Every time she took one step forward, she felt like she was shoved two steps back.

After learning the truth about Ebony and her family, Chief Glazier went home to his wife that evening with a powerful proposition for her. He just could not set this case aside.



Nothing prepared Ebony and her kids for what this incredible officer was about to do.

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