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Dachshund pup is obsessed with her 84-year-old grandma

There’s nothing sweeter than this <3 When grandma met Sally the puppy, she immediately fell in love with her. Since then, Sally has been visiting grandma two to three times a week and they always have fun together. “When we get to Nan’s house,” her granddaughter narrates, “Sally will trot straight through, get on the floor, roll over and then Nan will just scratch her and give her a kiss, and blow raspberries on her neck and Sally loves it.”

Grandma and Sally have their own morning routine. While Nan is having her morning coffee and cereal, the puppy is sitting on her lap, and after that, they sit by the window and watch the birds together. According to the girl, they could just sit there for hours.

Granny and granddaughter have video call sessions every day, not only because they want to see each other, but mainly because Nan wants to ask how Sally is.

They have a special connection, and it seems Sally helped Nan get through a hard time in her life.

Two years ago, she lost her husband, and at that time Sally was there for her.

Her granddaughter believes that the puppy helped her grandma overcome her husband’s passing.

“Sally was there the day after my granddad died. Sally was with Nan all the time. I know that Sally definitely helped my Nan through that horrendous time.”

The 84-year-old woman treats Sally like a human baby. She cuddles and snuggles with her, holds her in her arms like a baby, sings to her and kisses her.

The bond between them is really so special. And, of course, granny doesn’t forget to spoil Sally every so often.

For instance, she can’t deny her an occasional bite from her dessert, and the rest of the family are completely fine with her doing it.

“Nan actually does spoil her, but Nan’s the boss of our family. So if Nan wants to give Sally an extra treat, then I’m not going to say no.”

Now, can you guess what happened when they gifted Nan a dog statue similar to Sally? That’s right, the pup wasn’t happy to meet it at all.

And it got even worse when grandma decided to hold the statue in her arms like she normally does with Sally.

You found it again! Sally started barking and pulling grandma’s arm away from the statue. Well, what did you expect?!

Pets have proved to be great companions for elderly people, since they help reduce stress, lower blood pressure, and increase physical activity.

Another positive aspect of having a pet seems to be the fact that pets tend to live in the present.

They don’t dwell in the past or care about what is going to happen tomorrow, and this is what older people need, as they often fear the future.

This heartwarming story just made us think that we probably need a puppy in our life! What about you?

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