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Dad walks daughter down the aisle then stops and pulls stepdad from the crowd

Walking down the aisle has never been this beautiful.

One of the highlights of a wedding ceremony is when the bride walks down the aisle.

Most of the time, this is the first time the groom can see his bride in her wedding dress. This is one of those moments when the couple can’t help but cry happy tears.

Walking down the aisle is also a symbolic gesture.

It is when the parents walk with their daughter, then “hand her over” to the groom as if to say: “We cared and protected this girl for most of her life. It’s your responsibility to do that now.”

However, it can be quite a dilemma if you don’t have the traditional family setup.

Some brides sometimes have (one or both) parents already deceased, while some grew up with adoptive parents.

Others also came from a broken family, wherein they grew up with their stepparent rather than their biological one.

Kelsey Griffith is one of those brides who fall in that category.

She grew up having two fathers – her biological dad and stepfather.

We bet it was difficult for her to choose who among the two would walk her down the aisle. But Kelsey chose her birth father to walk her down the aisle.

Without Kelsey’s knowledge, her father had a surprise up on his sleeve.

Jerry Ellenburg is still very much involved in his daughter’s life.

It may not have worked out with him and her mom, but it doesn’t mean he stopped being there for Kelsey – especially on her wedding day.

Jerry is also aware that he shares this responsibility with her stepdad.

His daughter wouldn’t have become the woman she was at that moment if not for her stepfather, who treated her like his own.

And with that acknowledgment, Jerry knew exactly what he was going to do on his daughter’s wedding day.

Kelsey thought his father would walk him down the aisle straight to her groom, Zac.

She linked her arm around him, dressed in the most beautiful wedding dress.

They walked down among spectating family and friends when Jerry stopped midway when he saw her stepfather.

Jerry reached out his hand, the stepfather thinking he was aiming for a handshake.

What happened next touched everyone in the crowd and sent others to tears.

He grabbed her stepfather and let him walk down the aisle, too.

Kelsey locked her arms to both her fathers, one on each side, and continued walking down the aisle.

The TikTok video that showed this beautiful moment now has more than a million likes.

It was shared more than ten thousand times, and almost the same number of comments, most of which praising Jerry for what he did.

People also commented that this love and acceptance between two fathers showed us that these situations don’t have to be too dramatic.

It turns out that despite having an untraditional family setup, Kelsey is lucky to have this memorable moment.

For her, she’s twice as fortunate because she is very much loved by her two fathers.

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