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Daddy Wants Her To Say ‘Papa,’ Her Comeback Instead Is Lighting Up The Internet

When babies laugh, you just can’t help but laugh along with them. Their giggles are infectious and simply too funny to hear.

Nowah and Dad are on a walk and can’t stop laughing! Every time Dad asks his baby girl to say the word “Papa,” Nowah breaks out in hysterics.


His sweet baby’s laughing makes Dad crack up as well. After a few minutes of going back and forth, Dad realizes this moment is too cute to ignore. If he is enjoying her antics this much, surely others would, too. Well he was right!

That’s when he reaches into his pockets, grabs his phone and starts recording! Now footage of their adorable conversation is melting hearts online, and as soon as you see Nowah laugh, you’ll chuckle along with her!

Some of the most impressive minds in history have theorized why babies laugh. From Freud to Darwin, everyone seems to have their own fascinating idea as to why our little ones chuckle and what they find funny.

However, a study published by the BBC concluded that babies giggle for a variety of reasons. While Freud thought humans laugh at the expense of others because it signals dominance and a social hierarchy, this study found that babies are more likely to laugh when they fall, rather than when Mom or Dad does so.

The study also recognized that another person’s involvement in an activity such as peek-a-boo is something that babies get a kick out of. They’re not necessarily laughing because something in their line of sight disappears and reappears, they’re laughing because you’re the one doing it!


This sense of humor is definitely present with Nowah. So when Dad’s face is hard to see except when he turns around to glance at Nowah, it’s almost like they’re playing a fun game.

She can’t help but crack up when Dad tries to get her to say “Papa.” She can say “Momma” with no problem, but the thought of saying Dad’s cutesy name is too funny!

Not only is Nowah’s laughter hysterical to hear, so is Dad’s. He’s just as funny as his goofy little girl.


Listen to their heartwarming interaction for yourself in the video below. She’s just adorable!

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