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Daddy’s Filming Baby Girl’s 1st Crawl, But It’s Dog’s Actions At The End That Go Viral

For weeks, Mom and Dad sensed that their baby girl was ready to crawl.

So when it finally happened they were right there with the camera ready.

However, they had no idea that the moment would be capped off with such a sweet act of support from their pupper!

The family dog ended up playing a big role in inspiring their adorable little girl to get mobile.

According to Parenting Magazine, crawling is something that most babies do, but not all babies experience.

In fact, some children go straight from pulling themselves with their arms to walking.

One of the reasons crawling happens later in life, or not at all, is due to the measures parents take to prevent SIDS.

This happens when babies are placed on their stomachs to sleep and pass away shortly after.

To prevent SIDS, parents are instructed to place their babies on their backs to sleep – this has cut the rate of the occurrence down more than 50 percent over the past few decades.

However, since babies are spending less time on their bellies, arm strength isn’t as built up as it used to be.

The lack of upper body prevents babies from crawling until much later in life.

In fact, some children skip crawling altogether and go straight from rocking or scooting to cruising along furniture instead.

However, this little lady is ready to crawl and is motivated by one sweet ball of fur sitting a few feet away.

Mom and Dad watch eagerly as their daughter slowly crawls toward the family dog.

This beautiful black creature has a bit of gray around the muzzle, indicating he might be an older dog.

It’s clear he has quite a bit of patience and lovingly eyeballs the baby crawling his way.

The brazen baby keeps propelling herself forward, babbling, giggling and cooing at her furry friend.

What awesome motivation he is for her and an inspiration to keep on trying!

This endearing dog calmly waits for his little buddy to make her way to him and then gives her a gentle sniff.

He’s probably checking out what she might have had at her last meal. But the next thing he does is simply too cute.

As soon as she reaches the pup, he leans over and gives her a big kiss! It’s simply too cute.

Take a peek at her impressive (and adorable) milestone in the video below.

By the looks of things, these two going to be friends for years to come!

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