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Deaf singer auditions with performance so powerful it earns Simon’s Golden Buzzer

I’ve never seen Simon so happy to smash that golden buzzer. She earned it.

Most of us don’t give much thought to any of our five senses until one of them doesn’t seem to work right.

Maybe your eyesight begins to fail and you now need glasses in order to read.

Or maybe you get sick and are unable to smell things for a while.

The point is, the ability to use all of our senses is something that most of us take for granted.

Take Mandy Harvey for example.

Mandy loves music.

She loves it so much, that when she was a teenager, she decided that that was what she wanted to do with her life.

Mandy enrolled in a music program at her university and began studying what she knew was her purpose.

However, one day, Mandy felt some pain in her ear. She thought that it was just an ear infection but pretty soon, Mandy was legally deaf in both ears.

She tried to continue on with her studies but it was getting harder and harder to do so. Then, she went to class to take a test one day.

For the test, she had to listen to a composition being played on the piano in class and write down the notes as she heard them.

Mandy sat there, waiting for the professor to start playing.

She noticed the other students began moving their pencils, but Mandy still hadn’t heard a single note being played.

Eventually, the other students started to get up and leave, turning in their tests as they did so.

That was the moment Mandy realized her hearing was all but gone and she could no longer study music.

She dropped out the next day.

However, Mandy wasn’t ready to give on her dreams just yet.

Although it took her some time, Mandy decided that she wouldn’t let her lack of hearing get in the way of her passion for music.

And boy did she make the right decision.

Mandy started playing music and singing.

She decided to apply for America’s Got Talent and was accepted as a contestant.

She came out on stage, a little nervous but ready to show the world what she was capable of. She told the audience her story and it had the crowd and the judges in awe.

She started to play her song and immediately transfixed everyone in the room.

Even the judges were blown away.

Mandy sang a song she had written.

It was all about not giving up on your dreams.

By the end of the song, the judges as well as the crowd were on their feet. Simon Cowell was so impressed that he did something incredible.

He gave Mandy the golden buzzer.

This meant that Mandy would skip straight to the live shows and continue moving forward with her dream to pursue music.

But this moment meant the world.

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