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Deaf Woman Can Hear Again But Mother-In-Law Has No Clue Ellen Knows Truth About Her Actions

Up until recently, wife and mother Sarah Churman was unable to hear. Born deaf, she had lived 34 years without hearing a single sound — no “I love you” from her husband or her oldest daughter.

All Sarah wanted was to listen to her children laughing and hear the birds chirping. So when she learned about a new implant on the market that could help her, she couldn’t wait to give it a try.


Unfortunately, this new technology came with a hefty price tag – one that Sarah couldn’t afford. With a cost of $30,000 per ear, she was going to have a hard enough time simply buying one.

She and her husband brainstormed how to make this happen, but they just couldn’t figure out how to budget for it. Family and friends knew their predicament, but they were caught off guard by a loved one’s gesture.

Sarah’s mother-in-law stepped in with an offer too good to refuse. She told Sarah that she would be willing to help purchase one.


But the money would have to be taken straight from her retirement account. Her mother-in-law knew just how much it meant to her grandchildren’s mom to hear their voices, their adorable baby babbles.

So she made plans to withdraw the amount so Sarah could have at least one of the new implants. That was better than one.

When Ellen DeGeneres caught wind of Sarah’s story, she immediately knew that she needed to speak with her. Sarah appeared on the show nervous and hesitant to share her story with the public.

What Sarah didn’t know at the time was that Ellen knew much more than she was letting on. Sarah also had no idea that Ellen had something up her sleeve.

Watch the emotional moment Ellen zeros in on Sarah’s mother-in-law, instantly bringing Sarah to tears with what she reveals next. What a beautiful moment!



Watch the video below to see the emotional moment Ellen tells Sarah’s mother-in-law the truth about her visit.


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