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Disfigured Veteran With Scars Says Hi To 5-Year-Old. Her Response Brings Millions To Tears

After serving in the army for 13 dedicated years, Simon Brown’s life changed in an instant.

In 2006, Simon was on a rescue mission and had just successfully rescued six of his fellow soldiers who were stranded when their vehicle broke down.

As the group tried to make their escape, Simon was struck in the face by a sniper.

He miraculously survived but was left partially blind. He left the army and underwent at least 25 surgeries.

His cheekbones and nose were reconstructed, his jaw broken and reshaped and he was fitted with a prosthetic eye.

Simon’s newly disfigured face stripped him of his confidence. Not only did he have to adjust to losing most of his sight, but he also had to relearn how to live as an independent adult.

Meanwhile, a five-year-old girl named Temperance Pattinson, aka Tempy, grew up with an affinity for soldiers and war heroes.

She began volunteering to help veterans ever since the age of three!

For example, Tempy participated in charity triathlons dedicated to soldiers.

Enter Help for Heroes, an amazing organization that provides support for individuals who sustained injuries, illnesses and wounds while serving in the British Armed Forces.

Tempy always dreamt of getting to meet a real-life soldier. So, as part of its Facing it Together campaign, Simon and Tempy met in person for a heartwarming and emotional face-to-face.

Simon wasn’t exactly sure how the little girl would react to his eye, his scars and his overall appearance.

But it doesn’t take long to see why their meeting went viral on Facebook with tens of thousands of shares.

Watch their interaction below – it’s worth every single second.

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