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Dozens Of Soldiers Line Up In Unison, But Watch As Man On Far Left Jumps Up In The Air

When Royal Thai Navy soldiers took the perfect timing of synchronized swimming and tried to duplicate it above ground, the results were nothing short of spectacular.

Their routine started off simply enough with the usual marching in place.

But, when the music switched from Disney’s “It’s A Small World” to Europe’s “The Final Countdown,” the soldiers pulled a fast one on the crowd! Most military-style performances are defined by quick movements, but this one has super-slow special effects that will blow your mind. Get ready for one wild wave!

As the soldiers line up in single formation, keep an eye on the man on the far left.

As soon as he makes a high jump into the air, he sets off an incredible chain reaction that you just have to see to believe!

From there the routine devolves into a giant slow-motion wave as one man after the other jumps into the air, milliseconds apart from the person next to him.

When the last soldier on the far right takes the final jump, that’s when the visually stunning choreography really takes off! Hmmm, what creature does this remind you of?

If you’ve ever seen an intricate stack of dominos slowly topple over, then you’ll recognize what you’re seeing here.

After the high jumps end, the men continue the back and forth momentum by using their helmets, and then their entire bodies, to display wave after wave of thrilling domino-like effects.

The timing and precision are immaculate! Check out the video below to see these magical dominos come to life. Wow, this is incredibly mesmerizing!

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