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Fire Department Breaks Into Daycare After Frantic Dad Calls 911 Screaming Baby Isn’t There

A rough day at work can improve immensely simply by walking into the door of the daycare and seeing your baby grin right back at you, thrilled that Mom or Dad has returned. That’s an instant pick-me-up!

But when Chicago dad Cornelius Jones swung by his one-year-old daughter’s daycare, eager to give his baby girl a big hug and smooch after a long day of work, he instead found a locked door and darkened building — and his baby was missing! It was every parent’s worst nightmare!


Cornelius rang the bell at the front door of the daycare, but no one answered. He called the business number, but no one answered the phone.

At this point, he really began to panic. Where was his daughter? He phoned the business twice more then frantically kicked at the solid door, trying to get it to budge.


That’s when he heard his baby girl bawling her eyes out, petrified that she had been left all alone in the dark with no one around to care for her or comfort her. Cornelius called 911 and his girlfriend, Journee’s mom Quanesha Borum.

Quanesha could not believe that her baby had been abandoned by the very people they trusted to watch out for her. Who knew if she was hurt or sick on the other side of the locked door!

When emergency workers arrived, two firefighters quickly broke down the front door. The first responders rushed into the daycare and what they found stunned them.


Not only had Journee been left all alone in the dark, but she was crawling around on the floor. Her parents were furious at the thought of what could have happened to their precious little girl, Dad said.

“I was glad that she was OK, but I was like real mad, I was mad because how could you leave a baby in a daycare, how could a child go unaccounted for.”

The daycare director Tommie Butler refused to show her face on camera to Fox 32 reporters, but claimed it was an accident. She told Quanesha that a staffer had put Journee down for a nap, then when everyone was ready to leave work for the day, that same employee confirmed that all of the children in their care had been picked up.

“But my thing is, I come here and I sign her in and out, and so why wasn’t the list checked before everybody left?”

Even more infuriating to the parents is that Tommie said when staffers walked through the daycare making one final check, they allegedly thought her daughter was a doll. Cornelius and Quanesha said they hope that the daycare is shut down so that no other parents have to endure the fear, anxiety and pain that they and their daughter did.



Learn more about this harrowing story in the video below.


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