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Flower Girl Scared To Walk Down Aisle, Guests Howl In Laughter How Groomsman Saves The Day

Brides and grooms may experience a bit of the wedding jitters on their big day.

No matter how in love they are with their betrothed, those butterflies may crop up in their tummies as they mentally prepare themselves to stand in front of a church full of people.

So many details go into planning a memorable wedding. From selecting the perfect venue to finding that heart-stopping dress, it’s both a blissful and stressful day.

It’s not always the bride that may be nervous walking down the aisle though.

In the video below, a scared looking flower girl balks at sauntering toward the front of the church.

She’s decked out in her pretty white flower girl gown with shiny white shoes.

She clutches a silver wire basket that’s filled to the brim with white rose petals.

A woman we presume to be mom gives her a gentle nudge in the right direction to help her start walking toward the groom and the wedding part at the front of the room.

But the little girl turns around and goes back.

Three times she refuses to walk down the runner. This little cutie shirks on her flower girl duties until someone else swoops in and saves the day.

Out of the blue a man donning a black tuxedo comes to the rescue.

We presume it’s her dad, because she looks up and takes his hand.

Together, they make their way down the aisle greeted by applause and giggles from the guests seated.

When Dad realizes his daughter has failed to actually fulfill her flower girl duties, he does something so comical that everyone bursts out laughing.

Watch the hesitant flowergirl and her wedding party hero as he helps save the day, or at least the ceremony, in the video below. The groomsman’s final action is just too darn funny!

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