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Grandparents Encourage Baby To Say 1st Word, His Funny Response Leaves Mouths Wide Open

Baby’s first word is always priceless. For most infants, “Mama” or “Dada” is the standard. New moms and dads simply love when they are they are the special person whose name baby knows first. Yet, for one family, things turned out different…

When grandma and grandpa come for a visit, they try to teach the baby how to talk, but “Mama” and “Dada” doesn’t seem to be working.

This is obviously a pair of very doting grandparents, and you can tell that they couldn’t be more proud of their precious grandson. They ‘re delighted simply by his little “coos” – but they’re excited to try and get him to speak.

However, his first word took them completely by surprise. They even stop for a second and look straight at the baby’s mother, wondering if they had heard him correctly.

And yes, they sure did. Grandma and grandpa had been giving the little guy simple prompts, such as,

“Say Mama. Do you want to?”

Although they got a blank stare from this adorably cute baby, they tried again.

“Do you want to say milk?”

But after a few tries, they hit the target, because grandpa sparked a genius idea.

“I know what his first word would be.”

Grandpa looked straight into his eyes and said, “Taco!”

That’s when the baby froze. He paused a moment, then looked back at grandpa. Can you guess what comes out of his mouth next?

It turns out that the family cat (whose name is Taco) was the special family member who was honored with baby’s first word.

They truly have the cat to thank for this comical moment! As this little boy grows up, he will be reminded of his close relationship with Taco the cat – even from the very beginning.

This hilarious moment was caught on tape at just the right moment, and you can watch it below!

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