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Josh Groban Hands Stranger Mic, But Watch His Face Change Suddenly When He Sings 1st Note

Rock stars are used to hearing that someone is their biggest fan. If the person is lucky, the encounter will end with a quick hug and a photo next to their favorite musician.

But for singer Josh Groban, his number one fan wanted even more – a chance to sing a duet with the famous talent!

When Groban invited Josh Page to come up on stage and perform with him, he had no idea that the two had more in common than just their first names.

Not only do both Josh’s share the same birthday, but they also shared something even more amazing…

In this video clip from 2011, Josh Groban is reading a note from Josh Page, who is sitting in the audience.

Groban found out that his namesake wanted to sing “The Prayer” with him, so he made the stranger’s dream come true and invited the fan on stage.

However, Groban had no idea that he was looking at someone who was hiding a cheeky little secret.

As the pair started to sing, everyone’s jaws dropped! When Josh Page opened his mouth, the sweetest, most incredible tenor voice filled the air.

However, Groban wasn’t jealous that he just met is singing equal. In fact, the star excitedly grabbed the air as if to say a huge “YES” to the younger man’s vocal skills!

What no one knew is that they were looking at a guy who would soon become one-third of singing trio Forte, who you may remember from the season 8 finals of America’s Got Talent.

Check out the video below to see Josh Groban’s number one fan upstage the famous singer at his own concert.

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