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‌Little boy missing deployed Dad escapes to neighbor with request they can’t ignore

Missing his dad, the innocent little boy thought it'd be a good idea to try to forge a relationship with his male neighbor.

What do you remember helping your parents with most when you were growing up?

Was it yardwork outside?

Maybe helping cook?


It’s an important part of childhood to help around the house, so that we can develop a good work ethic earlier in life rather than later!

Well this little boy, Brian Kelly, was used to doing yard work with his dad.

They would do yard work and play outside. But sadly, Brian’s dad was deployed to Syria.

After noticing his neighbours, the Cravens, outside doing some yard work, he went to them and asked if he could help!

Dean Craven couldn’t say no to such a sweet request and of course said yes.

It was clear Brian was missing his dad, and doing something that they used to do together might help relieve that pain a little!

Brian now comes over every day to help Dean with yard work!

Dean is happy to oblige because he’s had three daughters and is happy to be able to do classic father-son activities with Brian.

They’ve even started playing golf and basketball together!

We’re sure Dean is also happy for the extra set of hands and to help teach Brian how to be the best helper he can be when his dad comes back from his deployment!

More than anything, this means he’s helping out Brian’s dad from afar.

Dan, Brian’s father, would no doubt be overjoyed to know his neighbour was willing to step up to the plate and help his boy out while he was gone serving his country.

With recent events, and US troops often being pulled out of Syria, Brian might be getting his dad back soon!

Fingers crossed you see your dad again soon, Brian!

Molly Cravens, one of Dean’s daughters, captured some heart wrenching moments of kindness while Brian was coming to help out and posted them on Twitter so that we could see the magic happen!

Twitter users were blown away by Dean’s kindness and Brian’s willingness to work, and Molly’s tweet has even been liked over 20000 times!

It’s not often we get a display of kindness and neighbourly love like this!

Extend our thanks to The Cravens, Will!

We need more neighbours like them!

Dads really are amazing!

Dean’s so good at being a dad he’s being a dad for someone who isn’t even his kid!

That’s dad overtime!

Brian’s mom knows the situation is temporary, but is thankful for Dean spending time with Brian and providing a positive male role model for him in the mean time!

I can’t imagine how hard it must be to have a loved one away, fighting in a foreign country.

Being unsure if you’ll see them again, and not being able to spend time with them would be so difficult, especially for a young boy like Brian!

As long as we keep looking out for each other, and aspiring to be the kind of neighbour Dean is for Brian, then we can help one another make it through anything!

This small act of kindness may not appear to look like much but to Brian it means the world.

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