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Little Girl Can’t Hold Back Her Emotions When Foster Mom Turns And Says, “Today’s Your Day.”

There are some things in life we take for granted – whether it be the food in our bellies, or even a warm bed. For one little girl named Shailee, all she wanted was a family she could call her own.

After living with her foster parents and foster brother, she knew she had found the home she had always dreamed of. In fact, they even revealed to Shailee that one day they planned to adopt her.

While the adorable girl with glasses was thrilled that she was going to be adopted, her parents never exactly said when it was all going to take place. But after receiving news of the official adoption date – mom and dad decided to turn it all into a huge surprise!

They picked their two kids up from school giving the impression that it was just a normal day. Then mom hit record and turned to Shailee in the middle row of seats.

Dad begins by announcing that they’ll be heading to court that day “for the adoption.” Shailee’s eyes light up like saucers as she exclaims, “Really? You’re lying!”

Mom then reassures her the surprise is true saying, “Today’s your day.” The girl immediately gets emotional – being shocked, happy, and excited all at once.

But that’s only the beginning of the heartfelt scene! The tears she sheds are happy ones full of joy and relief — she finally had her forever home and it was going to be official.

Watch the video below (shared by Love What Matters) to see Shailee’s reaction to all of the beautiful news. It’s the sweetest thing!



It really makes you appreciate how special having a family really is!


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