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Man builds fully self-sustaining island homestead from salvaged materials and it’s incredible

Shadow has been living this way for over 17 years.

His floating home has everything he needs and more and doesn’t cost him a thing.

A man named Shadow gives the world a peek at the floating island he calls home.

Have you ever imagined what it would be like to live off the grid? Would you consider giving up your material possessions and money to live off the land?

It might sound like bliss to some yet make others cringe. For Shadow, this has been his way of life for 17 years.

He set out to live a life surrounded by nature while protecting wildlife and the environment.

This is his story.

An environmental protector.

Shadow’s 2-story floating island was constructed entirely of reclaimed and salvaged materials. His main purpose is to protect the Widgeon Slough area in BC, Canada.

To Shadow, this area is in danger of being developed and therefore he does all he can to eliminate his carbon footprint and impact on the land.

His floating paradise.

Shadow’s floating home has everything from a kitchen and bathroom to a compost area and floating garden. He doesn’t use money and lives completely off the land.

A life off the grid isn’t always paradise.

Shadow told Exploring Adventures that one of the most important things to consider is heating.

He makes sure to stockpile as much wood as possible so that he stays warm during the cold winter months.

The floating island includes a quaint kitchen.

What Shadow has built is pretty amazing. He has constructed his entire home from materials he has reclaimed.

He earns a little bit of money from recycling cans. This kitchen looks like it could be in any home.

Sometimes you need a trip to town.

Occasionally, Shadow does venture out to pick up needed supplies or to visit a friend in town.

He told Exploring Adventures that it takes up an entire day to go to town and back because of his remote location.

Discarded barrels are given a new life.

Shadow told Exploring Adventures that there are always barrels washing up that he gladly takes to repurpose.

He grows all his own food so they come in very handy for growing a wide range of vegetation.

He even has a wastewater filtration system using layers of grasses and husks.

The island even features a study.

There are numerous rooms on his floating island including a study where he does research on the native plants and wildlife.

Even off-grid homes need pantries.

He is certainly well prepared with his homegrown fruits and vegetables, however, he does have a pantry of dry goods just in case.

The floating workshop.

When you have a home constructed of reclaimed wood and discarded materials, you need a good workshop to store your tools.

Shadow has everything he needs to maintain his home.

He keeps it comfortable.

A cozy lounge area is perfect for the long winter months.

Shadow told Exploring Adventures that he loves to watch movies during the winter and has a pretty decent collection.

He isn’t completely alone.

Although he feels most at peace being surrounded by nature, Shadow does have a few chickens hanging around that provide company as well as food.

All his effort and hard work are for the benefit of the land and wildlife living in the area.

Shadow is staying put because he feels he is needed.

“As long as this place needs me, this is going to be my post that I’m going to protect.” – Shadow told Exploring Alternatives.

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