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Mom And Dad Surprise Daughters With Adopted Sister, But Watch Red Headed Girl’s Reaction

When Shane Pruitt and his wife, Kasi, found out that their adoptive daughter had been born, they rushed to the hospital.

After hours of bonding with their new daughter Glory and making sure she was in good health, the excited couple returned home to introduce the baby to her four older siblings.

They had no idea that the children would have such a strong emotional reaction to meeting their newest sibling.

Thank goodness Shane thought to record the introduction and share it online for the world to see…

After months of discussing things with Glory’s mother, they finally came to an agreement on the terms of their adoption and awaited her call.

When it came time to pick up their baby girl, the couple, who belongs to the Southern Baptists of Texas, were beyond thrilled.

With two adoptive children at home and two of their own, it was time to grow their family by one more sweet girl!

The moment Shane and Kasi’s eldest daughters laid eyes on their new sister, they both jumped up and down with excitement.

They knew Mom and Dad were bringing home a little girl at some point, but they had no idea that moment would be so soon!

After the initial excitement wore off, tears came to their eyes. Raygen, the oldest sibling, was overwhelmed by the beauty of her little sister and wanted to hold her more than anything.

Raygen’s tears made Kasi cry, and then the entire family was wiping their eyes.

Watch this beautiful introduction for yourself by pressing “play” on the video below. By the looks of things, the Pruitt family is going to be a big, happy clan!

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