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Mom Doesn’t Think Delivery Could Have Gone Any Better, Until Dr Makes Move She’ll Never Forget

After a woman discovers she’s going to be a mom, the next order of business is finding the perfect doctor to deliver her baby. One can only hope she makes the right choice, especially since that person is going to become an intimate part of her life, and her baby’s life, for the next nine months.

Sometimes a new mom won’t know if she made a mistake until the big day arrives. There’s a doctor at the Magee-Womens Hospital of UPMC who is stirring up the pot when it comes to his unorthodox way of delivering newborns.


To be more precise, it’s what he does to those babies once they’ve poked their heads out into the world that has everyone gasping… and grinning! His technique is unbelievable…

Dr. Carey Andrew-Jaja has delivered thousands and thousands of babies over the course of his career. He’s well respected in the medical community, but he’s raised the bar on bedside manner by doing something that his colleagues won’t do.


Dr. Andrew-Jaja is known as the “Singing Doctor” and he belts out a sweet little song every time he delivers a newborn. It all started when he was a resident, and an elderly mentor passed the singing tradition down to him.

Ever since, Dr. Andrew-Jaja has been crooning sweet lullabies in the operating room. The doctor said that when he’s singing to that little kiddo, he’s singing to a future important person.


That’s how much he values each of their lives, and the unique gifts they’ve been divinely blessed with! He’s been known to sing songs like “Happy Birthday” and “It’s a Wonderful World” to the surprise and delight of everyone in the room.

The beautiful encore to Dr. Andrew-Jaja’s delivery room performance is when he sees a mom gazing adoringly at her new baby. It’s such a magical moment and his singing has set the stage for that.


Dr. Andrew-Jaja will never be forgotten by the family in the video clip below. Watch what happens when he welcomes these little miracles of life into the world. Beautiful. Just beautiful.

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