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Mom Holds Triplets For 1st Time Caught Off Guard Upon Closer Look At Baby Girl In Left Arm

When Cache and Nick Gifford began dating, they had no idea that their home would one day be bustling with busy little children. Today, they have five blessings under the age of five.

This couple manages to stay grounded despite the craziness they call life. After welcoming daughter Albani to the family, two years later they were thrilled to give her a little brother, Beckett.



But then, they were thrown a big curve ball. Cache and Nick learned that she was expecting again two years after Beckett’s birth.

But what stunned them is what the ultrasound revealed…

There wasn’t just one, not two but three babies on the screen! They were stunned! When pregnant with multiples, moms must take extra precautions.

Cache took care of her then four- and two-year-old children while getting plenty of rest and nourishing the triplets in utero. But finally, it was time for the babies to arrive albeit a bit early.


They were destined for the hospital’s neonatal intensive care unit. There, the medical team took wonderful care of the babies.

The couple was thrilled to welcome three little girls, Journi, Tatym, and Chezny to the family. Finally, Cache was able to cradle all three babies at one time.

They set her up in a rocking chair, placed pillows and blankets around her, then gingerly laid the babies there. Two of them relied on oxygen and all three wore heart rate monitors.


As they laid there, wiggling just a teeny tiny bit in their pink and white polka dotted sleepers, Cache smooches them on the head. With little pink bows in their hair, they looked absolutely precious.

As the cameras rolled, family members captured a sight mom would never forget. Cache looks astonished at first, then starts giggling.



See the video below and watch sweet little Journi as she began hiccuping, prompting everyone in the room to chuckle. How sweet!

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