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Mom In Coma After Emergency C-Section, 1 Week Later Nurses Astounded To Find Answer In Baby

The birth of a child is a joyous time unlike any other before or after in a parents’ life, but even though modern medicine works miracles everyday it still can be dangerous.

Shelly and Jeremy Cawley weren’t thinking about those dangers when it came time for Shelly to give birth to their first child, a baby girl they would name Rylan Grace.

Shelly’s labor did not go as planned, however. There was a problem, and Shelly’s condition went downhill fast. Too fast. What was supposed to be this little family’s most joyous moment left a young mother fighting for her life.

Shelly “clearly” remembers being put on a stretcher as they rushed her to the operating room for an emergency C-section. At the time she was crying, worried that she wouldn’t wake up from the surgery.

The doctors were able to help Shelly give birth to Rylan, healthy and thriving. However, a blood clot that was loose in her system sent her into a coma.

The medical staff caring for her felt defeated, because after a week Shelly was still unconscious and no treatment seemed to be working. That’s when the nurses stepped in with an unconventional idea.

As Nurse Ashley Manus told USA Today:

“We knew skin to skin contact is very beneficial to an infant, so we thought why not try it for a mom. Because the baby was already thriving. She was doing great.”

Jeremy placed their daughter on her mother, and the infant immediately went to sleep.

While it was a beautiful moment, it wasn’t what Shelly needed. The nurses and Jeremy wanted Shelly to hear her daughter’s cries to help guide her back to the waking world. Of course, being such a happy little baby, Jeremy had to resort to giving her a little pinch.

Eventually, Rylan did start to cry, and shortly after that Shelly began to stir. Soon she was awake, in therapy to rebuild her strength, and ready to be a mom to the little girl who may have saved her life.

Today, both Shelly and Ryan are thriving together. Rylan is a precocious toddler with a penchant for singing and dancing. Shelly has a career and a wonderful family. They even got themselves a dog! As endings go, it doesn’t get much happier, but it does get a little more inspiring.

After her experience, no one would blame Shelly for never wanting to step foot in a hospital again. Except, maybe, Shelly herself. Today she is an Emergency Room nurse at Bon Secours St. Francis Hospital in North Carolina. Now she is able to offer to other people facing scary or serious medical conditions the sort of quick-thinking care she received when she needed it most.

Watch the video below to hear their story in their own words:

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