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Mother Of 4 Scalped In Matter Of Seconds, Sends Urgent Warning To All Women

Before running to a mechanic, many of us try to solve our car problems without professional help. Thinking she could save a buck, mother of four Alon Abare decided to do exactly that.

She turned on her car, revved the engine and popped the hood. She had no idea that one simple mistake would change her life forever.



Now Alon is speaking out about what happened to her and warning others to pay attention to the tiny detail she overlooked. This is a lesson that everyone should take to heart…

It all started when Alon noticed her car was having problems. She didn’t have extra money to spend on an expensive mechanic visit, so Alon popped the hood and took a look inside.

She intended to glance around and see if she could easily detect the source of the problem. But instead, her life instantly became at risk.



In a flash, her head was pulled down toward the engine and she was suddenly in excruciating pain. She had no idea what had happened, but it was the worst pain she had ever experienced in her life.

Thankfully, her children heard her cries and came running to the rescue. Without their quick thinking, there’s a good chance Alon could’ve passed away from her injuries.

Alon was rushed to the hospital where doctors told her she had made a near-fatal mistake. It was something she didn’t even think about before sticking her head under the hood.


It’s a simple act that she’s warning other women about before it’s too late. Now, Alon is set to endure surgeries and transplants to bring her back to her former self.

Her tiny mistake has cost her thousands in medical bills, almost left her children without their mother and her car needed even more work after she was freed from its grip. Guaranteed she will never make that grave error again.

Learn about the mistake Alon is warning everyone about in the video below. It’s a lesson you definitely won’t want to experience yourself.



Please share this story with friends and loved ones who could make the same error accidentally! Saving a few bucks isn’t worth risking your life!

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