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Nurses Find Mom Playing Piano In Hospital, Condition Of Son Makes Them Stop In Their Tracks

Twelve-month-old Lincoln Tanner has lived a very short life filled with pain. But his utterly devoted mom Abby has done everything in her power to make her sweet little boy as comfortable as she can and brighten his days, which includes giving impromptu concerts in the middle of the hospital just for her little boy.

In fact, her latest performance has gone viral! Lincoln suffers from a rare and terminal form of epilepsy called malignant migrating partial seizures of infancy.



Sometimes he would endure more than 200 seizures in just one day. While Mom and Lincoln were waiting for an appointment at Duke Cancer Institute, this mom of three from South Carolina spied a glossy black piano in the atrium.

So she pushed Lincoln’s special stroller over to it, parked him next to the bench and sat down. Knowing that Lincoln could hear her soothing voice while she sang and feel the music reverberate, she treated him to a beautiful performance.



We can only imagine how stress-filled her days are and music is a wonderful way to relieve tension and fill the heart with joy. Abby opted to sing “Never Enough,” a powerful song from “The Greatest Showman” hit movie soundtrack.

The words to this song are perfect for Lincoln and mom. This magical moment between a mother and her ailing son has triggered tons of support for Lincoln while educating others about his rare disease.


We also can’t overlook the fact that Abby also happens to have a truly beautiful voice. She belts out this meaningful song with such emotion, tuning out everything and everyone around her.

Hospital staff gathered around the piano, never anticipating such an unforgettable performance to take place. Now, the world can hear how wonderful she sounds and how magical this moment became.



Hear for yourself Abby’s incredible voice in the video below. It’s quite impressive!

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