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Orphaned Pony Finds Comfort In Teddy Bear

Home is where we find comfort, and sometimes home comes in a giant teddy bear.

When a baby is born, there’s nothing more comforting for them than the embrace of their mother. The same goes for animals.

Breeze, the pony, was found abandoned just a few hours after he was born.

The poor pony was found stumbling around the hillside, trying to suckle mares out of his longingness for his mom.

It must have been hopeless and terrible for the little pony to walk around cluelessly without the guidance of his mom.

When the rescuers from a local equine sanctuary had arrived to help, Breeze had passed out because of severe shock and dehydration.

The volunteers knew that his survival would be more possible if there was someone to serve as his mother as he recovers and grows.

The sanctuary had a brilliant idea of placing a giant 4-foot-tall teddy bear in his stall.

Breeze immediately cuddled up to the giant teddy bear and found comfort in it.

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