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Owners Alarmed By Mama’s Behavior, Take 1 Look At Newborn & Make Discovery They’ll Never Forget

Jenni Benson and her husband Guy are proud owners of a mare named Daisy, and they were super excited when they found out that they would all be welcoming a foal to the farm.

The couple waited months for the baby to arrive, but when Daisy was 7 days overdue, Jenni and Guy were even more anxious for the little one to finally make an appearance.

When the big day came, the pair quickly made their way to the stables, where Daisy gave birth to a tiny palomino colt.

As Guy patiently waited in the background to help the colt stand up, Daisy started acting strangely. That is when the couple made stunning discovery.

Guy was standing near the gorgeous newcomer while he was trying to stand up on his spindly legs for the first time.

Their night watchman, William, helped the newly christened Don Quixote keep balance while mama horse got to know her adorable baby.

That’s when something went terribly wrong, or so the couple thought.

Daisy was in the midst of delivering her afterbirth when they realized that what she was doing wasn’t normal.

Poor Daisy was acting like she was in labor again, so Jenni reached inside and was shocked when she felt two feet!

Guy quickly pulled out the second foal while Jenni caught it in her arms. Their hearts stopped as they waited with baited breaths to find out if the second foal was actually alive.

After he was born, Jenni and Guy were surprised at Don Quixote’s small size considering that mom was a big girl and should have given birth to a larger colt.

Now they knew why he was so tiny – Daisy was trying to feed another baby at the same time!

Daisy’s second foal was a beautiful cremello filly who was a tiny little fighter even though she was born feet first.

Thankfully Duet was not only breathing, but she was ready to stand within minutes and was thirsty for some of mama’s milk.

Twin births are extremely rare in the equine world – it’s about 1 in 10,000, and usually one or all three horses don’t survive.

These animals are just not designed to nourish more than one fetus at a time.

The chances of both babies and mom being healthy are astronomically rare – it’s around 1 in a million.

It looks like this lucky horse mama won the lottery!

Watch the video below to see sweet Daisy win the twin foal lottery.

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