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People are swooning for this adorable bear-coat Shar Pei that looks just like a teddy bear

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Oh my gosh. I want one.

Have you ever seen a dog that looks like a teddy bear?

Others may mention their encounters with another well-known breed – the chow-chow.

But there’s another breed that can compete as the cutest and most adorable dog out there.

Just seeing this dog would make you think where they’re keeping its batteries but it’s very much alive.

And with its sheer looks alone, it became one of the most celebrated dog celebrities on the internet.

With over 200,000 followers on Instagram alone, Tonkey Bear is one popular pup.

Christine Park created his Instagram account not knowing that his account will blow up.

The bear-coat Shar Pei dog has won the hearts of many because he looks exactly like a stuffed teddy. And who wouldn’t want a teddy bear that’s actually alive?

“When we got Tonkey, we saw the rest of the dogs in the litter and knew she was the one because she was so cute,” Park told TODAY.

Park said she was surprised about Tonkey Bear’s popularity because her breed isn’t necessarily popular.

She shared with TODAY that Shar Peis are usually the last one to go. She made Tonkey Bear’s Instagram account so that she can raise awareness about the breed and showcase how adorable they can be.

And while she didn’t expect this kind of reception, she’s still happy that Tonkey Bear was getting his moment under the spotlight.

She was just so happy about the people’s reaction to her dog.

“It’s kind of cool to show your dog and get a positive response.

People love Tonkey as the way she is, as a puppy, but we also want to keep posting for the Shar Pei community.” Park further shared.

The Instagram account is filled with Tonkey Bear’s portraits, from when he was still a pup to the hound that he is now.

And while he changed in size, his charms were still as irresistible.

Shar Pei is considered an ancient breed of dog.

The breed originated from China and is well-known for the folds on its face.

The pedigree is also known to be a great family dog as it is loyal towards family members but standoffish toward strangers.

They are also naturally soft and gentle but can be fierce when need be.

The challenge in raising a Shar Pei is the necessity to socialize them early on. As such, they won’t do well in isolated places or are continuously kept indoors.

The first documented Shar Pei in the United States dates back to the mid-1960s.

Its popularity, however, only began in 1973. Matgo Law, a Hong Kong breeder, appealed to the US public to help him save the breed from extinction.

Now, Law doesn’t need to worry about the Shar Pei anymore.

Tonkey Bear became one of the breed’s most influential ambassadors.

Other canine ambassadors include @jiffpom, a Pomeranian with a whopping 9.6 million followers on Instagram. He’s not only an ambassador but maybe the president of all Pomeranian dogs.

Other influencer dogs include @itdougthepug, a pug with 3.7 million followers, and @marutaro, the ambassador of the Shiba Inu breed.

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