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Proud Grizzly Bear Strikes a Pose After a Big Belly Flop in a Florida Swimming Pool

  • 2 min read

Bruiser, a 600-pound grizzly bear residing at the Single Vision nature conservation facility in Melrose, Florida, has become an internet sensation thanks to his adorable belly flops.

Bruiser, who was rescued by the facility, has a favorite pastime of diving into the facility’s pool to cool down on hot summer days.

A worker at the facility was lucky enough to capture one of Bruiser’s belly flops on camera, which has since earned over 25 million views online.

In order to give Bruiser a special gift, the facility’s owner, Carl Bovard, decided to launch a fundraiser on IndieGoGo to raise money for Bruiser to have his own pool.

Thanks to the support of 814 backers, Bovard was able to make Bruiser’s dream come true and execute a contract with Poolside Designs to build Bruiser a fantasy splash pool.

Now Bruiser, his partner Honey Bear and the facility’s tigers Indah and Enyo can enjoy the refreshing water in their very own pool.

Not only are grizzly bears known for their intelligence and curiosity, but they’re also skilled swimmers.

Bruiser’s impressive belly flop is a testament to this as well as his playful nature.

It seems Bruiser also has a pal, as a second, smaller bear can be seen near the pool’s edge at the end of the video.

He too will undoubtedly enjoy taking a dip in the pool after a day of exploring and digging.

The bears at Single Vision nature conservation facility are living their best lives thanks to the caring and dedicated staff.

They are able to enjoy the amenities provided to them and live in an environment that is as close to nature as possible.