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Queen responds after photos of little girl dressed as her surface online

Mom decided to dress her 1-year-old daughter Jalayne as the Queen not knowing just how much attention it would attract.

A toddler’s Halloween costume gets the attention of the Queen of England.

One-year-old Jalayne from Ohio may have pulled off the cutest Queen Elizabeth II Halloween costume ever.

With the help of her mom, Katelyn Sutherland, the toddler donned an adorable look complete with a powder-blue coat, flower hat, and gloves.

She even had a tiny clutch, a brooch and to top off the look, she wore a curly white wig.

The Queen of Cute!

Katelyn pulled out all the stops on the adorable costume and included the family dogs in the photos. What kind of dogs? What else but two corgis.

Jalayne’s tailored coat and fancy pearls were the perfect additions but nothing quite completes the look like two well-mannered corgis.

The mini monarch rules the internet.

After Katelyn posted about her daughter’s costume on Facebook, the photos quickly went viral.

She even sent one of the photos to the Queen herself, not expecting a reply. However, the Queen was pleasantly surprised after receiving a photo from her tiniest fan.

Windsor Castle responds.

When the photos finally made it across the pond, Queen Elizabeth II was absolutely flattered by the gesture.

Windsor Castle quickly drafted a letter back to the family with a personal message from the Queen – “The Queen quite enjoyed the splendid outfit.” Katelyn posted the adorable picture of the toddler holding up the letter while smiling and wearing her Queen Elizabeth II wig.

She has even perfected a tiny royal wave.

Katelyn Sutherland told Inside Edition how she was able to create the remarkable outfit.

“I hand-stitched the hat, glued the hair on, curled it.” It’s obvious that this mom has some skills. Katelyn told The Sun that the inspiration for the outfit started with her dogs.

“The dogs are our daughter’s best friends,” Katelyn said.

Her Mini Majesty.

Katelyn told The Sun that she got a kick out of people treating her daughter like a royal on Halloween.

“While walking around on Halloween we received many, many compliments, but my favorite reactions were when people bowed to her or did the royal wave and said, ‘Your Majesty!’” – The Sun

This tiny queen has some big fans.

After the photos circulated online, the family received many adoring messages from fans. One person wrote, “I adore Queen Elizabeth and that little girl is as sweet as she could be with her two corgis I’m sure that put a smile on Queen Elizabeth’s face.” Another person wrote, “Long live her royal cuteness…Best Halloween costume of the year by far.”

This look is a crowning achievement.

It’s safe to say that this family’s ability to create a realistic, and more importantly, ridiculously cute outfit is impressive.

Wonder what is in store for Halloween 2022? It’s possible Queen Elizabeth will be checking her mail for another photo. Long live this little lady’s royal outfits!

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