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Repo Man Takes Elderly Couple’s 1998 Buick Drops Additional Bombshell Sending Them Reeling

When doctors diagnosed Stan Kipping with Alzheimer’s, he and his wife were devastated. The two lived a humble life in Red Bud, Illinois and didn’t have money for comprehensive treatment plans. Sadly, with Stan’s mounting medical bills and their meager retirement fund, the pair found themselves in a dire financial dilemma.

As the months passed, Stan and Pat couldn’t afford necessary things like their $100 monthly car payments on their 1998 Buick Century.

With no other option, they turned to God and prayed for help…


That’s when He brought Jim Ford into their lives! Jim was the repo man sent out to recover the Kipping’s vehicle, and now they say he’s their guardian angel!

Jim politely approached Stan and Pat and asked for the keys to their car. Rather than cause a commotion like many of Jim’s other disgruntled customers, Pat handed them over peacefully.

She told CBS News that everything at that point was in God’s hands — there was no reason to get upset.

“When he took the car I said, ‘God, do whatever, whatever you think is best for us.’ You know, God works in mysterious ways.”

After taking possession of the vehicle and hooking it up to his truck, Jim began to drive away. However, he only got a few feet away from their home before the guilt took over.


Jim stopped his truck and immediately reached for his cellphone. He told CBS News what happened next.

“They’re like America’s grandparents. I saw my grandparents in them. And I made it a block before I pulled over and called the bank. And I asked them if I could pay off the past due amount.”

Not only did Jim pay off the late sum, but he also detailed the car, changed the oil and started a GoFundMe page to pay off the rest of the loan! Donations poured in from all around the country and soon they had more than enough to pay for the car.

Jim returned to Pat and Stan’s home several days after taking their car, but this time he had good news!

He turned over the keys to their clean, tuned-up car and, as Pat sobbed uncontrollably, Jim revealed that the rest of the payments were covered. Once she caught her breath, Jim handed her an envelope filled with the leftover money from the GoFundMe page after paying off the car.

There was more than $17,000 in the envelope. This was the miracle she and Stan prayed for!

Pat told CBS News that Jim restored their faith in the kindness of humans.

“He was wonderful. I mean, he’s the kindest man I’ve ever met in all my life… There’s good people out there. He’s our guardian angel.”


Learn more about Jim’s kind actions in the video below. We need more people like him in the world!


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