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Retired Teacher’s Watching The News, Spots Familiar Face That Leaves Her In Disbelief

Everyone has a favorite school teacher or coach they fondly remember. For many kids, it might be their kindergarten teacher, since this particular grade is full of emotions.

For those wee ones who never attended preschool, heading off to kindergarten can be scary, but kind and compassionate teachers help assuage those fears.

Lorly Schik was one of those teachers. She launched her career in the 1940s and developed a bond with hundreds upon hundreds of students who passed through her classroom.

Lorly even remembered almost every single student she taught, including one little boy named Cory.

This dark-haired student was in her next to last class before Lorly retired. While she was apprehensive about retiring in 1989, she knew it was time.

She and her husband were going to travel the country, but his abrupt passing meant she was suddenly a widow.

She remained in her hometown for 25 years, until nearing 90 years old.

Lorly’s family decided she should leave the hometown she’d known most of her life and move closer to them in the Twin Cities.

So Lorly sadly packed up her home and headed to an independent senior living complex.

One morning she turned the TV on and tuned in to KARE 11. There, she saw a blast from her past.

She could not believe it! It was one of her former students – Cory! There was no denying it was the same person.

Lorly felt compelled to reach out, so she penned a perfectly written letter to Cory’s parents, which led to something wonderful happening.

Watch the video below and see just what happened after this dedicated retired kindergarten teacher contacted a former student’s family. It’s truly heartwarming!

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