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Shy rescue husky plops down in front of foster mom and ‘speaks’ for first time

Once this husky started talking, he didn’t stop!

Ryker’s owner abused him so badly that he was near death when he was surrendered to a local vet.

Ryker’s abuser then requested the dog be euthanized.

Ryker was starved to the point of being skin and bones and was covered in mange.

He looked like he barely had any strength to stand and seemed barely alive.

But he was, and you could tell by his beautiful pale blue eyes that he had some soul in him.

He also had a sparkling personality.

“From the day we met him he was wagging his tail the whole time,” said one of his rescuers from Friends of Faye.

“It’s like he glowed. He was always smiling. He was just happy.”

They thought he was happy then, but Ryker was overjoyed when he discovered toys.

“So he had this new obsession where he would throw them around and tease the other dogs and that’s when I realized he has this growl. I’ll remember it for the rest of my life.”

The way Ryker spoke was unique, even for a husky who are known to be vocal.

“The best explanation why Huskies are so talkative is because of their genes.

These breeds are immediately originated from the popular ascendants of wolves and dogs.

Huskies may initiate talking and before you even notice it, their talking turns into a full-blown growl,” writes Every Creature Counts.

The minute Ryker started talking, he never stopped.

“It’s like he has something to say about everything.”

Now that Ryker was rehabilitated and healthy again, it was time to find him a forever home.

“We needed whatever family we were looking for to understand that huskies, especially this one, are big, goofy, weirdos.

We were chatting with a few families but it really just came down to that gut feeling and Sept.

27 was the day we actually decided to tell Mike and Donna that Ryker was coming to them.”

The folks at Friends of Faye had such a strong bond with Ryker that they wanted to drive him to his new family themselves.

They drove 27 hours straight to get Ryker where he needed to go.

“His new family laid eyes on him and it was like he knew that he was home.”

His new home also included a brand new husky brother whom he loves to have elaborate conversations with.

Despite Ryker’s initial condition and the 27-hour drive, Friends of Faye says that seeing Ryker happy in his new home was well worth it.

“That’s the best part of rescue where you can take something so broken and you’re privileged enough to change their life and be part of it.

We’ve fostered thousands of dogs but Ryker changed me.

He just stuck to me and I know he’s right where he belongs. He is exactly where he needs to be.”

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