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Since 1984 cop has been dancing in the street

I couldn’t help but smile, he really has the moves.

Ever done anything to make your job more interesting?

A lot of people complain about their jobs being too boring or repetitive, like there’s nothing to look forward to anymore.

Wake up in the morning, pour a cup of coffee, and on with the commute to work.

There are bills to pay, meaning that even though they no longer enjoy what they’re doing, they still keep at it. Admirable, but they say the fun is up to you.

Take it from this guy. He is 64 years young in this video but his attitude towards work and life may snap others back to reality.

Tony Lepore is the dancing cop. And he holds on to his job with pride.

For Tony, it’s about people’s safety and he has taken that responsibility on his grooving shoulders.

He may be a senior, but those legs still work great.

He describes himself as a people person. the moment he walks out on to the middle of that busy intersection, it’s all work. Work and play that is!

Tony has fans!

“He is an icon for Providence.”

Says one of his admirers. People actually stop on the sidewalks to watch him direct traffic with his snazzy moves.

Lepore has been doing this gig for 27 years, starting in 1984 and slowly becoming the town’s most beloved figure. Even the kids love this guy!

Tony has this cool little hip shake, butt snap move that he does while he blows his whistle to a catchy tune.

Now whether those drivers have had their cup of espresso or not, the sight of Tony dancing should be enough to jolt them awake.

He goes on to explain that he got the idea back in the 80’s while watching Candid Camera, and he wasn’t sure if his bosses would like it but the public loved his style so they let him get away with it. The man’s got style.

“I’m out here having fun but you still have to direct the people.”

Good man.

Tony doesn’t shy away from calling out traffic violators. No blinker? Watch out. Jaywalking? You bet he’s watching.

Parents bring their kids to watch Tony work. It’s so much fun to watch him.

His infectious work ethic got those kids imitating his moves too.

One mom even shares how her grandfather used to take her down to see Tony and now she’s doing it for her kids. Lepore transcends generations.

He’s got moves like the John Travolta, the Ducky, and many others that people know and love.

The man has friends all over town who come down and visit his spot just to say hi and chat.

Tony is also a holiday figure. It’s a treat to see the dancing cop when the season of cheer is upon them. Providence has Tony, and that’s better than Santa.

Even online viewers are loving him,

“I smiled throughout this video. Need more people in this world like this beautiful character .”

That’s right. The secret to Tony’s charm is his attitude.

He knows the importance of what he does, he is grateful for his job, and he loves to make people smile. This guy is a class act and the town is lucky to call him their own.

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